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Elastomeric Wall Coating Products


Elastomeric wall coatings are designed to address the special needs

of exterior masonry with small surface wall cracks. Temperature fluctuations, wall & building vibrations, rain, or sunlight will cause conventional architectural wall coatings to crack. The answer to these wall coating challenges is an 100% acrylic elastomeric wall coating applied in a thick film providing the required flexibility and elasticity to durably protect the wall & building. These coatings possess the elongation and recovery properties needed to successfully bridge the small surface cracks that make the appearance of exterior masonry. Acrylic wall coatings also exhibit excellent aesthetic properties: good chalk resistance, tint retention, and dirt pickup resistance.


2200 Acrylic / Elastomeric Wall Coating
2400 Brush Grade Acrylic Wall Caulk / Sealant


roofing systems Wall Coatings for Industrial buildings

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