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Roofing System Products
Roof System Products - 100 percent acrylic elastomeric coatings and fluid-applied roof systems for the industrial, commercial and construction industries

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Elastomeric Roofing Products


AcryLabs' 100% acrylic elastomeric coatings and fluid applied roof systems are made of the highest quality materials available. Our state-of-the-art laboratory and manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest in analytical instrumentation; each batch is monitored to insure it meets the highest standards. All of our products are manufactured using the most technologically advanced polymeric systems and have been tested and exceed ASTM standards.


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Roof System Components

2100 B Base Coat
2100 Finish Coat
2100 HT High Strength Finish Coat

Mesh 2000 Fabric Reinforcement

3100 EPDM Rinse Prep

3200 Rust Inhibitive Primer



Roof and Roofing System Products for environmentally safe energy efficient - acrylic elastomeric coatings and fluid applied roof systems

"We cover the future . . . and the past."


Renewable - Sustainable - Seamless - Environmentally Responsible
Exceptional Durability - Flexible - UV Resistant - ASTM Tested
Reduces Energy Costs - Outstanding Performance - Unmatched Service