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energy star approved roofing systemFactory Mutual Class 1, Fire Rated
System Approval

Factory Mutual Approvals (FM) is a recognized world leader in testing, certification and approval of roofing products and assemblies.


FM approval is based on performance testing of completed assemblies when subjected to multiple perils. The FM Approvals program for Acrylabs Roof Systems included fire testing, wind-uplift testing, resistance to hail damage, water leakage and foot traffic.


Testing was performed over most existing roof surfaces (EPDM, BUR, Modified Bitumen, etc.) as well as stand-alone roof designs that include several types of rigid insulation.


Acrylabs acrylic roofing systems were evaluated and approved under Approval Standard 4470 as a Class 1 Roof Cover. Incorporated in the Standard was the ASTM E 108 protocol to determine fire resistance. Acrylabs was approved as having a Class A fire rating. Acrylabs FM approved products include 2100f, 2100Bf and Polyester Fabric Mat, Mesh reinforcement which are used to achieve the required FM Coating assembly.

energy star approved roofing systemCool Roof Testing (ASTM D-6083)

Energy Star performance requirements dictate that roofing products have an initial Solar Reflectance of greater than 65%. Test results indicate that the initial Solar Reflectance of AcryLabs' 2100 White is 84%. Additionally, the Acrylabs White material is tested to have a Thermal Emittance of 88%. The test report concludes that Acrylab's 100% Acrylic White, fluid applied roofing system meets and exceeds Energy Star requirements and has one of the highest “cool roof” ratings available in the industry.

Florida Power and Light Environmental Roof SystemFlorida Power & Light Roofing System Approval

The BuildSmart roofing system program certifies new roof construction that is more energy efficient than required by the State of Florida's minimum standards. To qualify for BuildSmart roofing system certification, buildings must have an EPI rating of 90 or less. FPL certifies BuildSmart buildings at three levels, depending on their EPI rating.


Miami Dade County Roof System Approval for White Liquid RoofingDade County Florida Roofing System Approval


Acrylabs Roofing System is proud to announce as of April 20th 2005 the acceptance of Acrylabs fluid applied roof system by the Miami-Dade County Building Code Compliance Office.


Community Affairs  Florida Department of Community Affairs Approval


  Florida Product Approval Number: FL 8828 R1






roofing systems approvals from Energy star and FPL

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