Rail Car Roof Coating

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Rail Car Roof Coating

Acrylabs Rail Car Roof Coating is a fabric-reinforced acrylic coating system designed specifically for weatherproofing the roofs of railcars






SEAMLESS: Eliminates any chance for water leaks
FLEXIBLE: Accommodates expansion, contraction and flexing of metal rail cars
RENEWABLE: Initial system warrants 10 years of service and maintenance coats can renew the system every decade
WATERBORNE: Allows easy clean up
UV RESISTANT Won't breakdown even after years of exposure to sunlight
LOW VOCs Safe for the applicators and the environment
RECOAT ANYTIME: Easy to repair or refresh
COVERAGE: Acrylabs Rail Car Roof Coating requires 1.25 gal / coat. Two Base coats and two Finish coats are required to create a waterproof system
APPLICATION: Acrylabs Rail Car Roof Coating may be brush, roller, or spray applied
SAFETY & HANDLING: For specific information regarding safe handling of this material please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
CLEAN UP: Thoroughly rinse application equipment with clean water while uncured

Available in Black and select colors



Before and after applying AcryLabs Rail Car Roof Coating System
Before Applying Rust Inhibitive Primer
After - Base coat After - Finish coat


Rail Car Roof Coating Cut Sheet


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Renewable - Sustainable - Seamless - Environmentally Responsible
Exceptional Durability - Flexible - UV Resistant - ASTM Tested
Reduces Energy Costs - Outstanding Performance - Unmatched Service