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Quality Flat Low Slope Roofing System
Flat and Low Slope Commercial Roofing System

Low slope and built-up roofing systems have been used extensively in North America. Premature failure has become common place. Roof systems deteriorate with age. Environmental factors play a big part in the degradation of low slope roofs. Some contributing factors are temperature (thermal movement), solar radiation, water and wind.


AcryLabs is a fluid applied, seamless and fully adhered membrane that is unaffected by UV degradation. The reflective white surface reduces the roof temperature thus reducing thermal movement. There are other benefits as well. AcryLabs roof systems reduce dependence on HVAC by lowering energy demand. AcryLabs offers a renewable warranty program and a system that can be easily maintained. AcryLabs systems have been developed to handle extreme weather conditions, from salt air to unforgiving high and low temperatures. AcryLabs systems can be applied directly over most roof systems.








Flat Low Slope Roofing System for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Buildings

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Renewable - Sustainable - Seamless - Environmentally Responsible
Exceptional Durability - Flexible - UV Resistant - ASTM Tested
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