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While AcryLabs roof systems come in a wide range of colors, white coatings make a direct impact on the internal and external environment of any structure. The reflective surface of our roof systems ensures that excessive heat does not develop on the roof. To the owner, the benefits of “Cool Roofing” are immediate and direct. Cost of air conditioning and dependence on HVAC systems are dramatically decreased. The use of cool roofing technology improves the air quality in our atmosphere while remaining cost effective and in most cases eliminate costly tear-offs.


The Acrylab's 100% Acrylic White, fluid applied roofing system has been authorized by the Cool Roof Rating Council to be a CRRC Rated Product. With a Solar Reflectance (SR) of 84%, a Thermal Emissivity (TE) of 88% and a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 105, Acrylabs 2100 White far exceeds minimum requirements.











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