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Why Acrylabs Roofing systems?

Flat Low Slope Roofing System Products rated by Florida Light and Power and Energy Star ApprovedAcryLabs is the roofing systems leader in the production of 100% acrylic elastomeric coatings and fluid-applied roof systems for the industrial, commercial and construction industries.

Our system is a fluid applied, seamless, fully adhered membrane. This roofing system is self-flashing and adheres to virtually all existing roof surfaces, including EPDM, Asphalt (BUR) and Metal.

AcryLabs Roofing Systems proudly supplies the highest quality material for the roof industry. Our roofing system product line includes the most technologically advanced polymeric roof systems, which have been proven in the harshest environments. AcryLabs coatings and roof systems exhibit exceptional durability and weather ability.

June, 17th 2005 READ about our Roofing System Industry Approvals

Cool Roofing Technology

While AcryLabs roof systems come in a wide range of colors, white coatings make a direct impact on the internal and external environment of any structure. The reflective surface of our roof systems ensures that excessive heat does not develop on the roof. To the owner, the benefits of “Cool Roofing” are immediate and direct. Cost of air conditioning and dependence on HVAC systems are dramatically decreased. The use of cool roofing technology improves the air quality in our atmosphere while remaining cost effective and in most cases eliminate costly roof tear-offs.

January, 4th 2006 READ MORe about cool Roofing System Technology

Flat and Low Slope Roofing SystemsFlat Low Slope Roofing System Products for Commercial and Industrial Energy Star Approved

Most single ply roof systems show signs of premature failure at crucial areas, such as seams, flashings and terminations. AcryLabs Seamless (monolithic) roof systems are fluid applied and self-flashing, making these vital areas an integral component of the roofing system.